About Double Mailing Envelopes

*Please Note: As of March 2017, double mailing envelopes are by special request only. They cost $.50 each to add to your order and are billed separately after the order is placed. To add these, let us know in the special instructions of your order or email

Not sure what we mean when we say "double mailing envelopes"? Chances are you are not alone! Many of our clients are unclear about what double mailing envelopes are and whether or not they need them. The common misconception is that the inner (un-gummed) mailing envelope is the same thing as the rsvp envelope - this is not the case. RSVP envelopes are included in your pricing when you order rsvp cards from us (unless you order postcards, in which case you will not receive rsvp envelopes). Inner mailing envelopes on the other hand are an optional add-on, and are an additional cost. Whether or not you need them is up to you! They are definitely a "traditional" way to send wedding invitations. If you are not a traditional bride, they are probably not for you.

Double Mailing Envelopes Explained

The inner mailing envelope is a second envelope (slightly smaller than the outer mailing envelope) that the entire invitation set gets inserted into. That envelope is then flipped so that the flap is facing down and is inserted into the outer mailing envelope. Confused yet?! The graphic below should help you understand!

We have shown guest addressing examples on the envelopes in these graphics. The guest name and delivery address go on the outer mailing envelope, while just the guests' names go on the inner mailing envelopes. Have questions about how to address your double mailing envelopes? Email us at hello[at]

Envelope Liners & Double Mailing Envelopes

If you choose to order single mailing envelopes (just the outer mailing envelope) and opt for envelope liners, then your outer mailing envelope will be lined. Pretty straight forward, right? But, if you choose to order double mailing envelopes (outer and inner mailing envelopes) and opt for envelope liners, then your inner mailing envelope will be lined and the outer will be left without a liner. See the graphic below.