Guest Addressing Services

Lolo Lincoln offers printed guest addressing services for wedding invitations and save the date cards. Our guest addressing services use an ink color and font choice that coordinate with your invitations or save the dates for a cohesive look.

For printed guest addressing we can only accept our spreadsheet template format. Please download them below and contact us if you have any questions.

Download our Single Envelope Guest Addressing Template (xls file)

Download our Double Envelope Guest Addressing Template (xls file)


The following fees apply to guest addressing services.

Invitation Outer Mailing Envelopes: $1.50 each

Invitation Inner Mailing Envelopes: $1.00 each

Save the Date Mailing Envelopes: $1.00 each

+$25 set up fee for all guest addressing services

Guest addressing services include THREE rounds of proofs and editing of your addresses included in the cost. We will email you a PDF file that contains each envelope. You will have an opportunity to review each address and submit edits to us. We require your final approval on guest addresses prior to printing.

Addressing Tips

  • DO wait and send your addresses when your list is complete!
  • DO proofread your list for omissions, spelling errors, typos, extra spaces, capitalizations.
  • DO spell out streets and states and limit abbreviations - it just looks nice!
  • DO put as much effort into proofreading your list as your invitations - it is that important!
  • DO put incomplete addresses into a second spreadsheet to be sent at a later time (fees apply)
  • DO remember we will not proofread and correct your mistakes.

Proofread NOW - not when you receive your finished envelopes and are applying postage and anxious to get them in the mail!

Common Errors

  • Having some addresses spelled out Road, with others abbreviated Rd.
  • Capitalization Errors - ROad instead of Road
  • Missing Punctuation - Mr and Mrs instead of Mr. and Mrs.
  • Incorrect address numbers or guest names misspelled
  • Zip Codes missing a digit - 9003 instead of 09003
  • Misspelled words
  • Extra Spaces or Leading Spaces